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For more detail on our pigments, to request a specific product data sheet or to start discussing how we can help you improve your processes today, we invite you to contact Astro American Chemical at 800-344-6041 or email at contact@astroamericanchemical.com.

pigmentsAt Astro American Chemical, we offer pigment dispersions in virtually every color from fluorescents to black and everything in between.

Astron Pigment and Flex Pigment Dispersions

Our pigment dispersions can be used for textile printing, padding, garment dyeing and slasher dyeing. Available colors include:

Blue 15:0
Blue 15:3
Yellow 14
Yellow 74
Yellow 83
Yellow 17
Green 7
Black 7
Orange 16
Orange 34
Red 123
Red 122
Red 266
Red 268
Red 184
Violet 23
Violet 19
Violet 3
Red 48:1
Red 53:1

Astron Fluorescent Pigments Dispersions

These high solids, fluorescent pigment dispersions offer a bright, finely-ground, high-strength fluorescent pigment particle. Available in:

  • Astron Flo Red RX 50%
  • Astron Flo Pink AX
  • Astron Flo Yellow SX
  • Astron Flo Orange BX
  • Astron Flo Green SX