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For more detail on our emulsions, to request a specific product data sheet or to start discussing how we can help you improve your processes today, we invite you to contact Astro American Chemical at 800-344-6041 or email at contact@astroamericanchemical.com.

example of polyethylene emulsionsAstro American Chemical supplies a wide range of water-based polyethylene emulsions, silicone emulsions, paraffin-PE emulsions, and polypropylene emulsions. Our emulsions are formulated to improve the rub-resistance of water-based inks and coatings without significant loss of gloss.

The advantages to using Astro American Chemical emulsions include clarity, anti-blocking, mar and scuff resistance, high melt point, promotes high-gloss ink and OPV formulations and a small particle size.

You can find our products used in:
paint and coatings
ink and overpaint varnishes
floor care
wood finishes
auto care products
building materials
dye lubricants
textiles and non-wovens

Water-Based Emulsion

  • Astro HD-PW A water-based emulsion of LDPE and Parraffin Wax that exhibits lubricity, softening and water/grease resistant properties.

Polyethylene Wax Emulsions

  • Astro HDPE 50
    The manufacturing process used for Astro HDPE 50, an alkyl-phenol based polyethylene wax emulsion, results in a small particle size, making it ideal for high-gloss OPV and gravure applications.
  • Astro HDPE 52
    With properties similar to Astro HDPE 50, Astro HDPE 52 is our most cost-effective, basic non-iconic formula, suitable for OPV, inks and as a textile finish.
  • Astro HDPE 52-LA
    With properties similar to Astro HDPE 50, Astro HDPE 52-LA contains no alkyl-phenols and is therefore more bio-degradable than competing products with a phenol-based emulsification system.
  • Astro HDPE 2650
    A blended non-ionic/anionic polyethylene wax emulsion, Astro HDPE 2650 contains a small amount of an anionic surfactant to promote surface adhesion on some substrates. It is an ammonia-based system for use in applications where morpholine and other amines are not desirable. This product is specifically formulated to meet requirements for cigarette packaging.
  • Astro HDPE 35F
    A linear alcohol-based polyethylene wax emulsion, Astro HDPE is formulated for superior hardness and rub-resistance with minimum viscosity that is built into most OPV formulations.

Direct Food Contact Polyethylene Wax Emulsions

We offer polyethylene wax emulsion that are manufactured using ingredients acceptable with published regulations under Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations permitting the use of the product in contact with food. The manufacturing process used for these emulsions is formulated for superior gloss and lower viscosity than your standard food grade polyethylene.

  • Astro HDPE 25FG
  • Astro HDPE 33FG – the small particle size makes it beneficial in the manufacturing of OPV, flexo ink and gravure ink.
  • Astro HDPE 35F (FDA) – with similar properties to Astro HDPE 33FG, Astro HDPE 35F may be substituted for Astro HDPE 33FG in most applications.