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For more detail on our specialty chemicals, to request a specific product data sheet or to start discussing how we can help you improve your processes today, we invite you to contact Astro American Chemical at 800-344-6041 or email at

chemical manufacturersWe offer a variety of specialty chemicals for non-wovens, fibers, and fabrics from cotton to poly/cotton to nylon, including:

Astro Wet Doss
An anionic surfactant based on dioctyl sulfosuccinate, Astro Wet Doss is an extremely effective wetting and re-wetting agent, designed for use in low concentrations.

Astro Wet 5953
A non-ionic, high-speed wetting agent for cotton and poly/cotton fabrics

Astro Binder LS
A soft, acrylic pigment binder used in textile printing, textile padding operations and cotton and poly/cotton blends.

Astro Surf PC-30
A multi-purpose auxiliary for the wet processing of polyester and polyester-blended fabrics, including nylon.

AstroRez SM
Designed for use on various types of non-woven material, AstroRez SM demonstrates superior abrasion resistance as well as excellent fastness. This product is compatible with most commonly-used finishing additives and easily diluted in water.

AstroSil CM
A high-activity emulsion of a very high molecular weight silicone fluid, AstroSil CM can be applied as a finish or combined with other softeners to obtain various effects on fibers and fabrics.

Astro Scour VO5 CF
A complex blend of surfactants specifically designed to remove and prevent redeposition of various waxes, oils and mill dirt commonly found in greige goods, Astro Scour VO5 CF is used to prepare goods for dyeing or printing to provide a very clean surface.

Astron M-3
A water-soluble melamine-formaldehyde condensate, Astron M-3 provides a firm, durable finish to cellulosic and synthetic fibers.

Astro Chem CDI
A unique blend of nonionic surfactants, Astro Chem CDI serves as a stabilizing agent in mixes where borderline incompatibility is a problem. By reducing incompatibility, Astro Chem CDI reduces build-up on tenter frame clips and helps produce longer runs with shorter clean-up times.