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pigmentsAt Astro American Chemical, we provide our customers with a broad range of products and services to meet virtually any need. If a formula, coating or pigment already exists, we have technicians on-site who can help custom-match to your specifications. If you have a unique need that calls for a completely custom solution, our chemists have a combined 60 years of experience, providing the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure your project runs smoothly and we are able to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

We also are proud of our full line-up of in-stock, ready-to-ship emulsions, pigments and specialty chemicals, using the latest surface modifier and coating technologies.

Our offerings include:
A wide range of polyethylene wax emulsions in high, medium and low density
Water-based emulsions of LDPE and Parraffin Wax
Pigments of virtually every color from fluorescents to black
A variety of specialty chemicals for non-wovens, fibers, and fabrics from cotton to poly/cotton to nylon
Industrial Cleaners
Silicone Emulsions
Acrylic Binders
Super Absorbent Polymers
Leveling Agents
Polypropylene Emulsions

Whatever your needs, Astro American Chemical has a solution for you.

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